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  Created on July 13, using bethhurd1   we went to the car wash the otha day and my stepdad told us that he wud pay for us to go through it i guess he didnt think we wud but as u will see we did and not only did we do it once but we did it twice it was a lot of fun!!! Categories: Entertainment. Tags: cars funny girls stupid water white dumb wet wash noinstreamads noonpageads   Please Comment below andSUBSCRIBE!!!LIKE ME ON FACE BOOK!!! ME ON TWITTER!!! Tyrone Magnus

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Girls going panty-free and flashing for motorists, a la Britney, Lindsay, and other pathologically attention-seeking pop tarlets? And you guys, who find this image enticing? There are plenty of other sites you can visit and do you know what to.

If nothing else, the girls in this group hurt their cause. And any adults involved did the organization and these young women a disservice by not telling them to knock it off.

Soccer Mom, You obviously have a great network of reliable reporters. What I witnessed is exactly as Mister Writer described it. I was hesitant to take a photo, because I figured they were underaged also. I'm sure someone must have shot a few photos of it.

happens. Let's

The fact that people are talking has certianly validated what a scene it was. I'd love to hear what the organizers where thinking? Just doesn't sound appropriate - nor did I think it was appropriate when I witnessed it on the corner, practically "in my face" while my car was stopped at the red light.

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They were also at the median section where the cars stop at the light. Come on Soccer Mom you are just making this up.

doesn't matter!

There can't be anything wrong teaching our young girls that their path to success in life is being eye candy. As long as we protect them from being indoctrinated by this scary black guy who calls himself POTUS even though we are not really sue that he is even an American with his socialist ideas of doing well in school setting goals and working hard to reach them.

We were saying the same about the bikini. Modern Girl magazine wrote in"It is hardly necessary to waste words over the so-called bikini since it is inconceivable that any girl with tact and decency would ever wear such a thing.

Assuming it's the same girls I saw Saturday, it was the Northgate Cheerleaders.

all became

I remember thinking to myself how it would be funny if they advertised a "bikini carwash" and then pulled a bait and switch. I was not on that side of the road, so I saw bikinis but didn't see anything "shocking" to the degree described.

NAUGHTY CAR WASH Walkthrough (flash game)

I agree that I was a bit surprised at the bikini top wearing sign holders on the sidewalk though. Think we're a bunch of prudes?

are absolutely

Anon based on what? Bailing out banks? You know just because you call him an Afro-Leninist doesn't make him one.

Consider, that high girls car wash were

maybe you want to reconsider that indocrination thing again. But then I assume you simply lack the intellectual power to do so. Dan, Wow, I didn't think that the this carwash, by the Northgate cheerleaders you say, might be part of a trend. Thanks for enlightening us.

Pity, that high girls car wash remarkable

And that guide to Bikini Car Wash. Well, of course, it is in questionable taste. But it's hilarious and pretty right on. Thanks for sharing it with us. They were dressed extremely inappropriately. I saw two or three of them draped over the hood of a car with their asses hanging out of their shorts. I have three daughters. My wife asked me what I thought of it as we sat at the intersection.

I said I would be extremely pissed off and my girls would be out of that organization immediately. It was extremely poor judgement on the part of the parent supervising this event. I feel badly for the parents of the children and the children themselves. To those beautiful young women girls in binkinis at the carwash, there are two things that your mothers have not taught you: 1 You've come a long way - and don't have prostitute yourself for anyone or any fundraiser.

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It was Northgate, and they were cheerleaders - what exactly were you expecting? Ever watch "professional basketball or footbal cheerleaders"? Minimal clothes and provocative moves.

Reply))) can high girls car wash something is

Yep the "adults" of the world are once again setting great examples and expectations. Thanks for the follow! I also have my own website. Come visit me at more template Click quick. Number one, I also saw the car wash driving by both days and did not see any string bikinis they had bathing suit binki tops on and cheer athletic shorts just as they wear and most sports do when they practice.

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Its just the same they would wear to a beach. I think you all need to worry about your own kids and not judge overly harsh their kids it was hot they washed cars to raise money for their self funded sport. GET A LIFE PEOPLE Theres way worse people dressed out there then this.

Dear September 9, PM, Sounds like you saw one thing and other readers saw something else. Or maybe other readers were passing by at different times than you were and saw different girls in different outfits.

rather valuable

Soccer Mom, I find it rather hypocritical that you criticize these girls for dressing like "Britney and other nymphets heroines" and using their bodies for male attention when you yourself post a picture of Victoria Beckham as your profile photo. A woman who for the record, I am very much a fan of Ms.

Beckham in this particular photo is still sporting her DD breast implants, and for the most part has made her living off of being beautiful. How can you expect young teenage girls to have realistic attitudes about their bodies and how to get male attention when instead of showing a picture of the more realistic, typical soccer mom, you use a photo of one of the most - pornoandroide.comous, fake bodied one there is?

EXCUSE ME! And I find it to be quite disturbing and extremely rude with the way you are all putting us down. We are apart of your community. And in no what what-so-ever did we go out there thinking that we wanted to dress inappropriately.

We absolutely had no intentions of getting this kind of feed back from the community. But first of all, I would like to get a few things straight here. We were simply wearing a bikini top with shorts. And for you to all be saying that it was inappropriate, then in my opinion are disrespecting our coaches.

High girls car wash

If you all really think that, then maybe you should have been a little but more mature and spoke to our coaches about how you or the people with you were offended by our choice of clothing rather than over the internet. Blogging about us.

2, girl car wash stock photos are available royalty-free. Girl at car wash. Pours water from a hose. The girl herself at the car wash. The girl at the car wash washes her car herself. Girl worker with yellow sponge car wash of pink foam. Girl washing car with water and hose at a do it yourself car wash   Malaya Spears, 17, a member of the Lee High School girls basketball team, holds a sign to drum up business at the team's car wash, as motorists drive down Plank Road near the event, held in With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Girls Wash Car animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >

And to be quite honest, yes I could agree with you. Our bikini tops could be considered inappropriate. Do you think it would be alright if they could please put some more clothes on? Thank you, I really appreciate it. That would have been so easy for you all to do.

And then this entire blogging session would not be going on right now. But then again, I have something for you to all ponder. Did you expect for us to wear jeans to a car wash?

In the hot sun? I mean come on you guys. Obviously we would wear shorts. And as for all of you that really think it was that awful; how about you consider what the Northgate water polo team was wearing huh? HEY IDIOTS!!! it was a car wash they were in bathing suits because they were getting wet northgate water polo did a car wash in their speedos come on.

Northgate students are about the dumbest of the dumb. They should probably all start sending in the applications to ditch digging school. Aren't there more important things to discuss in Walnut Creek? How about how bad the teaching has become at Northgate? Healthcare anyone? So it is wrong for a year old girl to wear a bikini top at a car wash where they are actually working to raise money, but it is ok for a mature women to go to a soccer game dressed like a hooker sorry soccer mom, you may look good, but when you wear tight jeans and a top falling off your shoulder, you are just saying These young women were raising money for an unfunded program.

They were hot and were having fun. Almost every weekend you drive down YV road and see girls in a bikini top working at a car wash raising money for choir, soccer, band, sports, etc. But it is wrong for the Cheerleaders to do the same? Seems like the stereotype of cheerleaders will never go away. Before you start labeling these kids, maybe you should actually talk to one.

They are hard working kids who like to have fun. Many are smart kids with bright futures ahead of them. We care about our visitors and respect personal information which you share with us. It is important to us that you are aware of data we are collecting about you and how we are doing it.

pity, that now

Due to this we are ating our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. These ates will come into effect starting from May 25, By using the site izispicy.

  Topless Car Wash - Funny Car Wash Video. Phansh. CARS Disney Pixar Cars + Nickelodeon Blaze Ramone Car Wash a Disney Cars Video Toy Review, Tv series mos action comedy RaymondFrancis Sexy Girl Car Wash Prank | Naughty Pranks. Stevan Hogg   Actually you see these bikini car washes all the time. They're usually charity fundraisers (this one looks like it's sorority girls) and cost like $5 to $ It's rare to see them for much more than that. I've even seen high school softball teams doing them to raise money. Reply. 0 Attractive woman cleaning car at car wash with high pressure water jet. Young sexy woman washes car. Selective focus of young woman washing windshield of car with sponge. Stylish brush in hand for car winter snow on a white background. Beautiful girl washes the car. Young sexy woman washes car

com after May 25, you are acknowledging that you agree with the changes made in Privacy Policy, which you can read in detail here. NSFW BABES GIF VIDEO PICDUMPS. Login: Password:. I certainly wouldn't mind having my car cleaned like that Credits: izismile. Where is it? Going to USA soon and would not mind doing a visit here. casanova 8 year s ago.

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