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When i was no more than ten, my oldest sister and a group of her friends, a couple of which she still knows, found it highly amusing to stand me on the kitchen worktop and strip me naked. I remember shaking uncontrollably with fright and embarrassment, but it didn't stop them pulling, prodding and laughing at me.

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From my own experience the guy is most humiliated by being stripped naked, spanked, and having fingers or other things stuck up his butt by his female tormentors. Guys think their butts, especially their hole, are private, and they hate it when girls use his butt for their fun.

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I knew he masturbated almost every day because I've peeped on him. Figured he would never say anything because he'd already dreaming up dirty stuff when he jerks himself. I think he was scared I would tell his Mom about him playing with himself and finally creamed him in the laundry room.

I was tricked by a group of boys from school into going for a stroll on the beach to forced me to drop my pants and boxers in front of four girls. Remember they forced them down when I refused to do it, took them off to prevent me from running away and stopped me from covering up. I got my clothes back but never the pictures that probably were shared with other girls.

I was 15 when it happed, constantly teased, and so embarrassed I kept quiet about it. All I got was smiles from girls in school and terrified about them doing it a second time. Most embarassing moment for me was my girlfriend letting her girlfriend strip me naked shave everything i had then milk me i cryed my eyes out.

then took pics of me. never been beat like that. then i had to suck it, i cryed. Your not the only one to be humiliated in such an embarrassing way. Showers during PE period in school meant getting harassed by older boys. Towel whippings, nipple twisting were the order of the day and couldn't do anything about it. Don't know how many of those I had to indure. When I thought things couldn't get worst, I got pulled out of the shower and dragged outside stark naked.

There were some 12 girls out there when it happed and got exhibited in front of each one of them. I remember my face burning with shame, girls rushing up to me for a cheap thrill and laughing boys holding my arm's black. Not even my own sister had seen me so naked and much less with an embarrassing erection.

The worst part of it was the helplessness of not being able to do anything about and ashamed of talking about it. The teasing was the icing on the cake and just had to deal with it because there was nothing else I could do but swallow the shame.

I was stripped naked by 10 women 60 yrs old! i'm only church women with handcuffs grabbed me and cuffed me.

Girls stripping boy

i'd never been shaved, very embarassing for me. they laughed then left me bareass, cuffed with key nearby. my sister found me and laughed and milked me again before uncuffing me. very humiliating. Someone finally said it All these posts go on about how much these boys HATE being stripped in front of others.

If it happens to eventually, you will understand.

A secondary school boy of age 13 was raped by a gang of 5 girls aged 15 to 16 yesterday afternoon 26 April in the girls toilet of their school. "They dragged me into the toilet, and pointed a penknife at me. They told me that if I shouted and got them into trouble they will cut me up. They then made me take off all my clothes

In the meantime, you're just talking retarded. Wishing for it makes a world of difference. None of the victims wanted it to happen, that's what makes the event a criminal abuse and the participants human-shapped trash.

I was left in the shower with no clothes because some senior girls had taken them. I remember I had a towel rapped around when they sneaked in boys to embarrass me. Told me they would leave me there if I didn't drop my towel in front of them. The experience was so utterly humiliating I'd remember it for the rest of my life. It's always seniors preying on younger students for kicks. I my case it was a group of senior girls bending me over a stair way hand rail, lifting my skirt and taking off my panties.

They did to exposed my whole crotch in the presence of boys. I also swallow my pride and dignity and embarrassment kept me from telling anyone. Never got my panties back and hand to spent the whole day in school with out them. I could care less how many males are forced to be naked in front of girls even if it a hundred girls but a girl should never be forced to expose herself to males.

That is so hot, i would have gone to the bathroom and jerked off! Serves you right for seeing your mom naked. You should have stayed naked the whole week and the girls should be allowed to invite all your girl classmates and all their girlfriends to see you totally naked. I am a girl I saw a boy get his clothes taken off I started it a bunch of older guys were messing with a younger boy They said what should we do with him I yelled Strip him The boys did what I asked They were going to stop at his underpants but I shouted Do n0t stop there strip him naked I was the only girl there but saw a bunch of girls walking and I called them over to see The girls laughed and I was laughing Poor boy his face was so red.

Boys are stupid. If YOU get gang raped OR stripped naked in public I will have a minimum of sympathy for you.

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It will only be the karma YOU DESERVE. Gosh, what if you were being held by a bunch of older guys and I yelled "RAPE HER" and they took turns raping you? Would this be O. with you? I think it would be DESERVED KARMA!

Sounds a lot like a raping frenzy. It seems girls are actually just as corruptible and predatory as guys are, and simply have less opportunities to indulge their own darkness. I was stripped naked in front of girls when I was 12 Some bullies caught me outside of school and Stripped me naked There were about 10 girls I knew and a few I did not know who saw me naked. Did you get hard?

I remember getting punched and kicked by a group of boys when I was 13 while girls watched. I never imagined I was going to get stripped naked and dragged in front of everyone stark naked with everything on show. I later discovered the same group of boys and girls had done it to two other boys from my school just for fun.

So embarrassed and intimidated I never said anything. I saw a teacher forcing a boy to stand naked on the hallway because he hadn't done his home work. It happed in an elementary school and suffered de humiliation of having boys laughing at him and girls walking by giggling and looking at him. We were all kids between 7 and 14 and nudity in boys wasn't and issue. The boy was 12 and old enough to feel embarrassed about it and at that age you just had to do what teachers told you.

Lucky about being a girl because nudity was never used on girls.

It was always boys and girls were aloud to watch to make the punishment more humiliating. Girls should never be exposed to boys but it would be OK for any male to have to be naked for the whole school to see. I wonder how many Boys that are forced to be naked in front of girls grow up to rape girls?

That must have been used in another DECADE, in the world of today that wouldn't stand. I'm out of my school years so I don't know what's going on in schools now days. I know naked spankings and the use of nudity as punishment wouldn't stand now days.

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It's illegal and would end up in court in flash. You don't hear anything about that happing in school now days. But not every school is a bit day school because there are still boarding schools that used it. No one knows what goes on behind walls and closed doors and kids usually are so embarrassed they never talk about it. A lady I knew went to one of these schools that used nudity to punish kids in front male and female students. Mind you she was talking about elementary school with kids 7 to 14 years old and done to boy and not girls.

Some how nudity in boys was not seen like big issue. Told me she once got sent to study hall for not handing her home work on time. There were two other girls and three boys along with her. She then discovered one of the boys had failed to hand in his home work three times in row and was forced to do the home naked.

Forced him to get undressed and stack his clothes on the teachers desk and walk back to his seat. The whole time unable to cover himself an endure the unthinkable shame of being watched. The story stuck in my mind for years just thinking about the embarrassment that poor kid most have gone through.

The pushed me down on the floor, ripped my shirt and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. The never got my pants completely off because they never took my sneakers off before they pulled my pants down. They had inverted my pants so I could not get them back on very quickly so I was left there on display with a red face while they all giggled at me being bottomless.

This all happened before cell phones so no one got any pictures of me being half naked in front of all these crazy girls. This was my first really bad embarrassment, I will never forget it. Think again. There are many stories on Quora of boys and girls talking about this punishment. ass, but so would any other boy who complained about it, as the teachers punished them for lying.

Fun, right? It got even better as we got older. I remember when we were 14, I personally told the teacher that the boy next to me had tried to copy my answer, simply because I was bored. Of course, the boy would be stripped, but we put up a lot of resistance. By now, most boys had just accepted their fate, but he just wouldn't.

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So, we girls went up and removed his clothes. We almost died laughing. The teacher was smirking too. We practically spent the whole lesson just staring at it. Afterwards, it was sooo fun watching every boy we stripped standing there, trying his best not to get an erection, but after 5 minutes of us giggling he'd be rock hard.

Right throughout highschool, we stripped boys like this for fun. One more thing. One day, when a boy was naked, the teacher had left the room for something.

When this happens, she normally ties the boys' hands behind his back with some string normally, they're made to hold their ears for 10 minutes, then have them behind their back for the rest of the lesson. This girl must have learned something recently, because she stood up, and without saying a word, walked over to him, grabbed his shaft, and began wanking him.

Us girls were beside ourselves laughing, as the boy desperately tried to stop her, but couldnt do a damn thing. We loved watching his facial expressions, as he came all over his chest and legs, to the howling laughter of the girls. To make matters worse, the teacher had came in and seen this, had seen the boy come, but didn't stop it.

She asked what w. The teacher couldn't really condone this punishment, but she did turn a blind eye, saying he deserved it so the girl would face no punishment. The boy was made naked for the rest of the day. From that day on, we told teachers that they boy or boys at the front had made mean faces or mouthed mean words to us.

All the teachers would force the boys to be naked for the rest of the day, which was one thing.

A girl is stripping in front of a webcam with headphones on when her Mom comes in behind her. Categories: Art Animation. Tags: sexy dance controversial titles dancing cam striptease webcam bras. MOST POPULAR. VIDEOS GALLERIES. A Fun Waste Of Champagne. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe 16 Apr 3 ; Share Video. Tweet Share on Facebook. HTML-code: Copy. Little Girl Featured 06/08/ so these little girls decide to strip this year-old boy and his dad gives him his first beer after. Autoplay On. Next Video. Tags: insane hilarious cool young wtf girls attack strip boy years old ftw weird strange awesome amazing crazy lol It seems like they love to have girls see males naked but they do not have the b**** to strip naked for the girls themselves. Jan Report. 1 Reply. That's the tea sis:(Mar Report. Reply. If YOU get gang raped OR stripped naked in public I will have a minimum of sympathy for you. It will only be the karma YOU DESERVE. Mar 18, Report. 2 Reply. I was the little boy a** H*** and

I remember when I had two naked boys either side of me, trying to cover up their erections with one hand and work with the other, and failing miserably. But many teachers would also let us carry out our punishment of jerking them off, too. Us girls look back fondly at those days. A boy should be taught his place, rather than being an arrogant little brat, they should be humiliated into obeying women. When I have a son, I'll teach him the same. Oh dude all of the girls and female teachers in that school deserve death.

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Oh dear, here we have another obnoxious boy. You western men ought to be put in your place. I'd be happy to do it to you.

The good thing is that it's becoming increasingly common for you guys. This thread is filled with many examples of girls shutting silly little boys up.

Winnipeg- 11 Year Old Boy Stripped Naked by 2 Girls in Florida. Metacafe Affiliate U Subscribe. Unsubscribe. K. 20 Aug 13 Share. Share Video Once a boy was captured, my brothers would turn him over to me and Karen. Then we'd tell him what we were going to do to him, take him down into a root cellar we called our "dungeon" and strip him to his underpanties. Then we'd bring him up to be tickled, spanked, and tied up by us and my brothers. Occasionally, we'd blindfold our boy and take him out to the road and expose him in just his Stories about girls doing the pantsing, stripping and humiliating to boys. 83 Topics. Posts. Last post Re: Naked at cruiser part 1. by Thewriter. Wed Jun 23, pm. Your True Stories. Stories about you or someone you know getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated, this forum doesn't really have to abide by the rules from the forums

Also, if a girl ever gets stripped in public, everyone will help her and the guy would go to jail. Whereas us girls can pull down the pants of any boy, and everyone just laughs!

I see it a lot in western media now. There are many films where guys are embarrassed naked and everyone laughs. A film could never show a woman like that as no one would watch it, but everyone knows it's fine when it happens to a guy.

What a load of bollocks these posts are. All made up wanking fantasies posted by male perverts pretending to be females. Actually never mind ur probably so ugly no one wants to get near u lol. would love to see u get stripped. would laugh in pure tears.

simply remarkable answer

So do I feel all men should be "put in there place" because I am a man and I want to understand what u mean. U should get the same treatment from a devilish man to make u realise your sins. If u get derobed, dishonored or sexually assaulted by any dominant male in ur life, just accept it as ur fate.

U deserve that!! Very good answer. I think if all parents do the same strip naked the boys in front of the sisters, female cousins, and friends we will have more respect for Girls and Women in this world.

Something girls stripping boy are not right

Is giving Boys a lesson. Most definitely. One of my best friends from school does this to her son. He is Like all boys, he has been a little brat a lot. From the age of ten, his mom has been punishing him with nudity.

She calls his older and younger sister, one year either side of him, to watch as he stands there, blushing. He has to be naked all day, and also to do any tasks that his sisters or any other females give him.

Pity, that girls stripping boy with you agree

That way, the girls see him naked quite a lot. Obviously the more embarrassing, the better. So, he is often made to strip naked whenever any girls are over. For example, when I come over, he's told to stand naked in front of me. Also, whenever he's being punished, his sisters are allowed to invite as many friends as they like from school, from their grade and also his grade.

so? Bad taste

These days, naked punishments aren't so common, so unfortunately many girls don't get to punish boys. However, many of these schoolgirls delight in seeing their classmate stark naked, and stiff as a statue. It's a novelty for them, and good for everyone. They say they are trying to get their brothers punished naked too now. No, because boys are pathetic, and us women can do whatever we want to them, to finally put them in their place.

Boys embrace sexy role play in strip tease game - Love Island Australia 2019

You seem like a particularly obnoxious man. I'd love to see you stripped naked in front of all the girls in your life, so we can teach you a lesson. Were you born like this or did u have awful parents?

Share this video: Most girls freak out when they have a spider on them. We used this to undress some girls and a guy. Enjoy:D!S The boy who pulled the girls hair was getting his just dessert, whereas the other boy was learning a valuable lesson, don't go against us females. Of course, they would never strip girls publically, only boys A Fort Myers mother says she feels powerless after her year-old son was pinned down at his neck and stripped naked by two middle school

Just wondering from a psychological standpoint. Silly boy, this is the highest level of thinking that a man can achieve. Luckily for us, society strongly detests raping women, but we all laugh when a boy has his pants pulled down by and in front of girls.

There are more than 80 rapes on going on in india everyday, still think women are strong????,and all the stories here are mere fantasies by kinky people for their own satisfaction, no man is ever humiliated, but only women lol.

Awww poor women can't defend themselves, that's why they are so inferior. Even rapists laugh and enjoy while raping inferior creatures known as females. And yet when men rape they go to jail, no one will arrest a woman for humilating a little boy. Awww poor women can't defend themselves ?????? Poor women so weak and pathetic that they can't defend themselves for rape and harassment.

Yeah girls just aren't strong enough to handle it. they'd probably cry. You should be ashamed of yourself. What's pathetic about enjoying a boy squirm as I stare at his manhood? In that case, what is wrong to enjoy looking at a girl when she's changing clothes or as she's getting stripped forcefully? I know how will u girls feel at this point that it can tarnish girl's life's. So it's better that u girls also understand the same and have respect for boys in the similar way u want to be respected.

consider, that you

U should at once get rid of all ur perverted thoughts or get ready to face ur karma. Have you ever stripped any cocky adult men to put them in their place? Of course! One incident springs to mind.

These naked punishments were common where I'm from, but I went to uni in a different part of the country where stripping boys was less common, unfortunately. As a result, the men were quite cocky. I lived in mixed accomodation, with four girls and three boys. The boys were all messy, loud, and obnoxious, as always, constantly annoying us. Worst of all, they were very sexist, and constantly spoke about how women were less intelligent than men, which is why there were so few of them in uni.

are absolutely right

What amazed me, though, was that the other girls put up with it. I asked them, and they told me that boys were always this way here, and they just have to accept it. However, I wouldn't. Instead, I decided to teach these girls how to overcome these cocky men, just like at home. When they are controlled by women in this way, they'll realise just how powerful girls are, and just how pathetic they are.

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But that was about to change in our flat. One night, while the boys were showering in the male shower block, we snuck in and stole their clothes and their towels. Then we ripped open the curtains of each cubicle, Of course, this was nothing new to me, but the girls were beside themselves laughing at these embarassed naked men, struggling to cover their manhood with their hands. Remember, this was a first time for these guys.

For what seemed like an eternity, we girls just stood there laughing, while the boys stood there covering themsleves, yelling at us 'What are you doing?! Now the men were standing in a.

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