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Visiting Aunt Miriam Andrea Martin is mistaken for an evil alien by Tommy and Chuckie. After Chuckie swallows a watermelon seed, the babies are forced to shrink down with a laser beam and enter his body to retrieve it after Angelica tells them it will grow inside his stomach and explode. However, it turns out that the entire journey was a dream, and that the babies never shrunk down.

Lipschitz Tony Jaythe famous child psychologist whose advice Didi always follows, visits the Pickles, but is not prepared for an encounter with the babies.

After a traumatic Santa visit in the mall, the babies' parents rent a cabin in the mountains in which to spend Christmas. Meanwhile, Chuckie is scared of Santa and wants to stop him from coming, while Angelica tries to right a wrong involving Phil and Lil's toys and presents. Tommy dreams that he and the other Rugrats are captured by aliens that resemble his parents and his grandfather. Angelica steals a planet-atomizing remote from Stuvon Stu as an alien and escapes with help from a talking fish.

Meanwhile, the babies wander into the space ship's control room and play with the controls, thinking that they are toys. Chuckie's eyeglasses disappear during a game of hide-and-seekand he has trouble finding his friends without them. When Tommy's favorite stuffed lion plush gets filthy, Didi confiscates it to clean it.

Tommy is greatly upset by this, thinking he will never see the stuffed animal again, and Angelica helps Tommy "go bad" to get what he wants. New neighbors move in across the street from the Pickles, where Tommy helps the youngest member of the family, Susie Cree Summerfind her room. Stu buys a self-assembly theme-park toy for Tommy but finds it too complicated to build.

Meanwhile, the babies quickly find something even more fun: the box that the toy came in.

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Tommy and Chuckie are afraid of being sucked down the drain, so they clog it in various ways to avoid having to take a bath. Tommy and Chuckie accidentally lose Angelica's favorite doll, Cynthia, while Stu and Drew wash Drew's boat. While Angelica holds a funeral for Cynthia, Spike manages to find the doll. Chuckie is afraid to go down the playground slide after accidentally using a giant slide at a pizza place.

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After Angelica intimidates him, the babies consult Susie, and she trains Chuckie to be "the bestest slider in the whole wide park". Grandpa competes in a bowling tournament, where Tommy and the others inadvertently help Grandpa win by exposing his bowling rival Tom Bosley as a cheater.

Didi appears on a TV game show, guest-starring Alex Trebek and Charles Nelson Reilly. After Angelica saves Chuckie's life from nearly being hit by a gang of big-wheelers, she takes advantage of the debt he owes to her by making him become her personal slave.

Until she gets a taste of her own medicine at the end. Angelica schemes to pull out and steal Chuckie's teeth in order to get money from the tooth fairy. When the grown-ups hear that Randy Carmichael is having the creator of Dummi Bears over for dinner, the grown-ups invite themselves.

While the adults are keen to impress, the babies scheme to ruin it as Susie fears she might have to move. With Chuckie's hair getting longer and longer, Chas decides to get him a haircut. With Chuckie too scared to sit under the scissors, the babies and grown-ups use different methods to try and show him there's nothing to worry about. When Susie's brand-new tricycle goes missing, she and the babies suspect Angelica is responsible and put her on trial. Grandpa moves into a retirement home after feuding with Stu and Didi.

During a visit to there, Tommy and Angelica cause trouble trying to get Grandpa back. Angelica and the babies stage a "circus" of their own after they are forced to leave a real one due to Chuckie's fear of clowns.

Angelica uses vanishing cream to try to steal desserts while Drew tries to deal with Angelica's misbehavior, along with other adults who pretend to not notice her.

The babies think that Angelica has turned into stone after a bad wish. In actuality, it is a statue of Angelica-Drew's anniversary gift to Charlotte. Susie's older sister, Alisa, babysits for her younger siblings and Tommy, but things go awry when a "monster" appears.

Note : E. Daily fills in for Cree Summer as the voice of Susie. When watching a Reptar movie, the tape breaks. As Grandpa tries to get it working, the babies supply their own ending. Tommy plays with an inflatable clown that Stu made for him, but accidentally gives it to Chuckie, who has a great time with it.

Only when Angelica points out his fear of clowns does Chuckie realize his mistake. After being bored by Stu's home movies, the babies make "films" about their lives. The home movies are drawn up by the writers' children in this episode. Angelica accidentally handcuffs herself to Chuckie with a gift that is being sent to charity, and things get worse when she loses the key.

A snowstorm comes to the neighborhood, and the babies imagine they are sledding to the North Pole. The babies pretend that Grandpa's new trailer is a spaceship, and go to the "moon" to find Chuckie's toy. Angelica thinks that she is royalty when she overhears her parents, and schemes to go to her "castle". Tommy wants to shed his clothes to be like his dog, Spike, so he tries out naturism. The other Rugrats join in, with the exception of Chuckie; Stu attempts to keep Tommy's clothes on.

Chuckie thinks that there are monsters living underneath his new "big boy" bed, but Tommy ventures under it to prove otherwise. Charlotte is forced to take Angelica and Tommy to work with her, where they nearly ruin an important business deal.

Chuckie is tired of standing out because of his red hair, so he uses Grandpa's hair dye. He soon finds that not being noticed is not as good as he thinks. Charlotte announces that she may be pregnant, which frightens Angelica to the point of her having a nightmare about being rejected by her parents and her new baby sibling threatening her.

Tired of being picked on by Angelica, the babies meet a boy named Josh, who turns out to be even worse. After Drew punishes Angelica, he worries when she tells him he'll regret it.

In the United States, episodes , , and were held over from this season and ended up airing during Season 7. The first Klasky Csupo logo still appeared after the second logo appeared at the end of The Rugrats Movie. The second logo did not appear until "Runaway Reptar". Rugrats. season 6   Tag Archives: pooping June 16, Big Angry Trev Leave a comment. Kids fads are getting weirder. When I was a lad boys were into super heroes, riding BMX's and playing with transforming robots. Girls were into Barbie Dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids and beading sets. let alone little girls m Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan)

He then has a nightmare in which Angelica hires a lawyer and sues him. Chuckie's pet pill bug dies, and he has trouble dealing with the loss. Angelica's announcement that she may be moving delights the babies - until they recall how they first met. While attending a Passover seder at Didi's parents' house, Boris and the children and later, most of the adultsget locked in the attic because the door does not open from the inside.

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To pass the time, Boris tells the children the story of why Jews celebrate Passover, and how Moses saved his people from slavery. The Rugrats celebrate Chanukah while trying to settle a dispute between Boris and his childhood rival; Angelica tries to find a TV to watch a Christmas specialand Stu tries to make it to the synagogue. Grandpa and the children listen to an old detective radio show, and the babies imagine that they're living it. Stu takes the babies to the car wash after a little accident.

Things get out of control, however, when Angelica takes over the car. A new friend helps the babies to search for water on a hot day, while Grandpa supervises the workers repairing the pipes. The babies fear " dust bunnies " when the grown-ups clean the house. To get the babies' candy, Angelica fakes a ransom and makes the babies think Cynthia was stolen. Believing this, the Rugrats attempt to get Cynthia back. Angelica orders food from a deli-and then calls all of the other grown-ups to Tommy's house-using Stu's voice-changer invention, which makes her sound exactly like Charlotte.

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Chas and Chuckie look after Angelica's cat while she is away and underestimate the difficulty of doing so. When Tommy saves a baby bird from a runner, he falls into a thorn bush and gets a cut, which frightens him. Angelica learns a curse word from the host of her favorite children's show, Miss Carol's Happy House.

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Not knowing what it means or how negatively her parents will react, she begins to use it in her vocabulary. Angelica tells the babies that the police officers arrest bad people while Chas dates a police officer. Chuckie accidentally breaks Chas' glasses and fears that he will be arrested.

Tommy is mistaken for another troublemaking baby with a big tooth, but he attempts to prove his innocence. When Grandpa Lou takes the babies to Aunt Miriam's to play cards, the babies are convinced that she and her friends plan to eat Chuckie and attempt to protect him. While Didi and Stu go on an anniversary vacation, Tommy and Angelica stay at Chuckie's house, where Chuckie learns about his ancestors. Meanwhile, Didi starts to feel seasick, and the cause is eventually revealed to be pregnancy.

In the United States, episodes, and were held over from this season and ended up airing during Season 7. The first Klasky Csupo logo still appeared after the second logo appeared at the end of The Rugrats Movie. The second logo did not appear until "Runaway Reptar". Chuckie adopts a duck that fled from a construction site, but caring for the new pet soon becomes difficult.

Spike attempts to protect Dil from imminent danger, but the dog gets in trouble with Stu and Didi. Angelica performs ballet and conducts a show with the babies in an attempt to pass ballet school.

While Stu shops for a used car, Tommy, Chuckie and Dil imagine the test automobile is a submarine.

The babies visit a flower shop where they think Dil is infected with "jungle beaver", a mispronunciation of jungle fever. The babies get involved in a ghost story with Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

The babies go to the zoo, get trapped inside the pen, and end up accidentally freeing the animals when attempting to leave. Didi is planting dill plants, which the babies think is baby Dil and attempt to keep the plants from growing. The babies pretend they get sucked into an evil Robot Reptar movie, in which they must find Reptar and stop Angelica's evil Reptar.

Chuckie accidentally wets the bed during a dream, so Chas puts him in "training pants".

That night, the babies try to keep Chuckie from falling asleep so that he will not forget about waking up to go to the bathroom. Chuckie destroys his shirt and, since he cannot find a perfect replacement, he fears for his identity.

The babies go on an imaginary tour of America when Angelica and Susie cause some damage at a picnic. The babies look forward to autumn, but then Angelica reminds them that change is not always good with Stu's robot Reptar, new diapers for Phil and Lil, and the babies gave up Reptar for thinking that he caused Grandpa to move out. In an attempt to get Tommy's toy ponyAngelica trades the babies "magic beans", which Dil eats. Angelica is starting to show symptoms of a cold, but wants to attend a Dummy Bears' show.

To keep from being unable to go, she tries to convince the grown-ups that the babies are sick instead of her. The babies dream that they are smaller than they already are, and that Dil is a giant. They try to get him to take his nap, which proves difficult. During season 7, Rugrats made a change with a different format that consisted of three episodes per show.

  Tag Archives: pooping June 16, Big Angry Trev Leave a comment. Kids fads are getting weirder. When I was a lad boys were into super heroes, riding BMX's and playing with transforming robots. Girls were into Barbie Dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids and beading sets. let alone little girls   Poop Madness is the third episode of the fourth season of Big Mouth. It is the thirty-fourth episode overall. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters Major Roles Minor Roles 4 Songs 5 Trivia Continuity Cultural References Errors On the last night of camp, bowel problems, a talent show

Additionally, all half-hour stories from this point on had two ad breaks instead of one. This is the only season of Rugrats to have three episodes per show.

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When demanding her parents give her a baby sibling does not work, she enlists some of the babies to become her siblings for the day. Chuckie goes through adjustments with Kira. Kira ends up taking WaWa, Chuckie's prized teddy bear made by his mother to clean him up and fix him, which upsets Chuckie greatly. Kira apologizes to Chuckie for all of the changes and returns WaWa to him, who fell into the hands of Dil and returned to his worn out look.

Angelica and Susie compete in a talent contest, as do Grandpa and Lulu. A clapping meter helps decide the winner based on the crowd's applause. Angelica sabotages Susie's performance by stealing her dancing shoes, causing the girl to slip and fall around the stage. The audience loves her performance, and Susie ends up winning. Chuckie breaks his home's toilet, and the Rugrats take a trip to the appliance store with Chas and Kira to get a new one.

Angelica believes she broke Charlotte's phone and hides it. But not before causing chaos by accidentally calling the police and listing herself as "extreme emergency. Stu makes a Dil screen-saver, and Angelica tricks the babies into thinking that Dil is trapped in the computer.

The original format for Rugrats was brought back for season 8.

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However, the half-hour episodes retain having two commercial breaks. The first Klasky Csupo logo appeared after the credits in the early airings of this season. However, the Season 8 DVD from Amazon.

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com, " The '90s Are All That " and the later airings kept the second logo. The Rugrats are now ten years older, and in schoolwhere they attend a concert.

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Angelica tells the babies they will become their costumes at Halloween's end, and the only way to keep that from happening is to give her their candy. Angelica pretends to be a doctor on the radio after hearing Didi and Betty listen to a doctor on the radio who helps people with their problems. Kira and Chas hire a guy to help boost Java Lava's popularity, but this unknowingly leads to a game of Hide and Seek.

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Tommy fears Spike has no more time for him on Easter. Kira and Chas celebrate their first Easter. The babies mistake a teenager for a real-life version of Angelica's doll while it is being repaired. The babies visit Stu's holiday village, where Angelica forces Santa to quit, and the adults get stranded in Stu's Western cabin. Kira and Chas celebrate their first Christmas together and Ian gets his naughty revenge.

Guest star : James Belushi as Santa Claus, William Shatner as Ian Hawke, and Paul Reubens as Hermie The Elf. Nickelodeon and Amazon. com produce DVDs of new and old Nickelodeon shows through the CreateSpace service. Using a concept similar to print on deman Amazon manufactures the discs, cover art, and disc art.

As of May 9,Seasons were available. As of Februarythe Amazon. com releases have been discontinued. In MayNickelodeon and Paramount Home Media Distribution released Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.

These movies are direct-to- DVD movies that are part of the Rugrats series. Three Jacks and a Beanstalk is the Rugrats spin on a classic fairytale. Combines Jack Sprat with Jack and Jill while they tell their own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. The babies get some magical beans that grows into a giant beanstalk leading to a huge castle in the sky.

There, a fairy Susie offers them a key to the castle if they get three things for the castle's occupant, Angelica, a giantess.

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August 7, [a]. Note : This pilot is the only time Tami Holbrook voices Tommy. Note 2 : It was originally produced from to Note 3 : In the end credits, Stu is named "Stu Pickles, Jr. Note : This episode introduces Chuckie Finster, Angelica Pickles, Drew Pickles, Howard and Betty DeVille, Boris Kropotin, and Minka Krapachter. August 18, Absent : Phil, Lil, Chuckie, Angelica. August 25, Note : This marks the first appearance of Reptar.

Absent : Angelica Angelica stays over with Tommy, but her desire for an open window leaves Tommy feeling ill and hallucinating, which eventually leads to his vomiting on her. Absent : Phil, Lil, Chuckie. September 8, Absent : Chuckie, Angelica Didi takes Tommy to her workplace, a local high school, for use as a visual aid in Home Economics. September 15, Absent : Chuckie Using tickets Grandpa won in a radio contest, Stu and Grandpa take Tommy to the Grizzlies' baseball game, where they play the Boston Bombers.

October 6, Absent : Phil, Lil, Chuckie, Angelica After hearing Grandpa's mythical story about a moose, the babies go look for one in the backyard. Absent : Angelica. November 17, Absent : Phil, Lil, Angelica When Tommy draws on the walls, Didi insists on taking him to a therapist. December 1, Absent : Phil, Lil, Angelica Stu orders a doll from his competitor Eggbert Toys, called "Tina Trousers", and Didi tells Tommy the doll is his baby sister arriving in the mail. January 5, February 16, Absent : Chuckie, Angelica Grandpa takes Tommy to the supermarket where Tommy makes a huge mess while looking for the new Reptar cereal.

March 29, Someone broke "Mr. Fluffles," Tommy's clown lamp, and Angelica wants to find out who, so the Rugrats hold a mock trial.

The trial ends up revealing that Angelica was the one who broke the lamp, and she ends up in the high chair as a punishment. April 12, Absent : Chuckie The Rugrats go looking for Reptar at the Sleazola Bros. This Reptar, however, is a cereal addict named Leo. Absent : Phil, Lil, Chuckie Stu has received an order from Mucklehoney Industries for 15, "Patty Pants" dolls.

Dan Thompson Howard E. Intrigued by Grandpa's pirate story, the Rugrats play "pirates" themselves. Norton Virgien Steven Dean Moore. Joe Ansolabehere Jonathan Greenberg. September 13, When Phil and Lil have a huge fight, Betty decides to separate them for a while and takes Lil to play with Tommy and Chuckie. Lil soon misses her brother and the three babies decide to head next door, not realizing Phil is doing the same thing. Paul Germain Joe Ansolabehere. September 20, Tommy is due to get a booster shot but soon worries about the shot after hearing Chuckie's horror story about his, but in the end it is not as bad as he thought it was.

Glen Eichler Michael Ferris. September 27, Suddenly Nick saw a glowing face of Andrew staring at him. Nick stands his ground but it was too late. After that Nick came to see Andrew that he was fat enough but they are having poop twins he was gonna shit when they came along. Because of this, Andrew revealed that it was very hard to let go of not only his shit, but his past as well involving the incident when Nick kissed Missy.

They both openly admit that they've missed each other, and at long last, their friendship is resumed. When Nick and Andrew offer Seth to say goodbye when they missed them cause Milk told Nick that there is no Bob Reedy. Nick was excited to go back home and see his family. Big Mouth Wiki Explore. Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Recent blog posts.

Season 1 Ejaculation Everybody Bleeds Am I Gay? Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality Girls Are Horny Too Pillow Talk Requiem for a Wet Dream The Head Push I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah The Pornscape.

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Am I Normal? What Is It About Boobs? The Shame Wizard Steve the Virgin The Planned Parenthood Show Drug Buddies Guy Town Dark Side of the Boob Smooch or Share The Department of Puberty.

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Girls Are Angry Too Cellsea Obsessed Florida How To Have An Orgasm Duke Rankings The ASSes Disclosure the Movie: The Musical! Not play video games himselfbut to watch others play them. How that is more fun then getting a controller in your hand is beyond me.

But it seems girls are no better. My wife came home last night with a colouring book for my daughter that she has apparently been requesting for some time.

The colouring book is called Poopsiebased on baby unicorns that poop.

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This is apparently hugely popular! I thought maybe it was like those baby dolls that wee themselves in a potty which I always thought was odd but at least understood but no, its just big balls of glittery shit from the arse of a baby unicorn.

I mean, is it just me or do these Unicorn babiesI dunno, look really slutty!?! The tiny little tops that show the midriff.

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