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After being filmed by CCTV cameras, the sophisticated female has now become an internet celebrity on Chinese social media after her unfortunate ordeal went viral. After entering the lift, the woman starts pacing around and even crosses her legs in an attempt to stop the imminent evacuation.

These changes could make your stool easier to pass, which could decrease the likelihood your poop will be abnormally large. Some steps to take include: Increase your intake of fiber-rich foods Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins "If you alter your normal gut flora and bacteria through a poor diet or infections, stool will be improperly digested and the belly will be inflamed. This leads to large, smelly, mucousy stools." Medical Cause of Huge Stools in Kids. Dr. Warsh explains, "Hirschsprung Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Woman busted pooing on beach during CNN live cross. During a journalist's live report from a Californian beach, a woman wandered into view, pulled down her undies and did the unexpected

And then in a moment of sheer desperationthe lady is filmed hiking up her skirt, pulling down her underwear and squatting down on the lift floor - performing a gargantuan bowel movement.

The astonishing video then reveals a steaming pile of human waste sitting on the elevator floor as the woman dusts herself off.

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When the doors finally open, the brazen fashionista casually walks out like nothing has happened, leaving social media users bemused at the audacity of the dirty deed. It is unclear whether the incident occurred inside an office building or in a shopping centre.

Reports did not say whether the filthy female was eventually tracked down for her unconventional toilet trip. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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Sidner, who must have been alerted via her earpiece, quickly blocked out most of the view by shifting her body to the right of the camera.

Who on earth would decide to take a crap in front of a TV camera?

Disturbing moment woman secretly takes a POO in B&M Bargains' aisle before carrying on shopping. CCTV footage shows the suspicious shopper, wearing leggings and a hoodie, have Very, very true. Let it go //. Let that shit out //. Yes actually shit //. Don't keep sitting on a throne of pretend //. That nothing comes out of your rear end //. That your caboose doesn't let loose //. Doesn't drop a damn deuce //. That you're not the pooperstar that you are // Shocking moment fashionista loses control of her bowels and does a giant poo in a lift Filmed by CCTV cameras in China, the dirty deed has become a viral sensation Mark HodgeEstimated Reading Time: 1 min

The journalist then shifts to the right, to obscure the scene from viewers. The Sweaty Betty founder posted a series of now-deleted videos to her social media, showing the woman appearing to relieve herself on the street.

One of the clips show an incident, captured by CCTV camera on October 10 just after 6. Dressed in a pink top and black leggings, she drops her pants and crouches down, holding her phone between her teeth as she does so.

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Jacenko told news. There are many reasons why people may have the urge to go while running, ranging from gut motility to genetics.

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According to a US study of male and female endurance athleteswhich was published in the National Library of Medicine Institutes of Health, there was a high prevalence of symptoms directly correlated with a known history of gastrointestinal problems.

Running can also alter something called mucosal permeability, which controls the passing of materials from inside the gastrointestinal tract out to the rest of the body, causing the stool to loosen and impact how often you need to defecate.

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CCTV shows the woman crouching down between two parked cars to poop. Picture: Supplied Source:Supplied. This is because of a surge of hormones in your stomach lining from all that bouncing around your body while pounding the pavement.

A woman was caught "going for a poo" in a driveway in broad daylight on a Sunday morning. CCTV cameras caught the woman, dressed in torn black jeans, black pumps and a khaki jacket, walking Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins To name but a few benefits, the nature of your poo can give you an indicator of what's taking place inside your digestive tract - like whether the liver or gallbladder is under any kind of stress, whether you are suffering from infection, if you are under the influence of a hormonal imbalance or hormonal shift, and even whether you are afflicted by any mental or emotional disorders The idea was to have one for each time you ate instead of waiting to have one movement a day. There is some variation of "normal", but I believe 3 per day, everyday, is probably excessive. The body doesn't process food quickly enough to have a movement for each meal

au certain physical activity and colonic motility were related. They get an arousal, but underlying that gratification is anger and a thought disorder. In mi another Australian jogger was also caught committing the act.

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Andrew Douglas Macintosh was later charged with creating a public nuisance after neighbours banded together to catch the man they believed had fouled their property up to 30 times in a year. To join the conversation, please Log in. Don't have an account?

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