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Please PM me if you are interested. Baby blue back reed frogs are ready to go!

Frog pose and its benefits

The first pic is of the babies. They aren't showing full colors yet but look like little pearls. The last 2 pics are of the adults and what they will eventually look like.

PM me if interested. I will not be at the Tulsa Cold Blooded Expo this weekend. I am taking a couple months off to work on breeding projects and take care of some personal things.

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When I do come back, I am hoping to have some new species available, as well as old favorites. Thank you for your support! I have a handful of frogs ready for new homes: 3 Amazon milk frogs, 1 male purple red-eyed tree frog, 2 female red-eyed tree frogs, several sub-adult albino red-eyed tree frogs, 1 female bubblegum red-eyed tree frog, 3 male bubblegum red-eyed tree frogs, 2 black-eyed tree frogs, 2 female lemur leaf frogs and several Borneo eared tree frogs.

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This is one of my adult blue-back reed frogs. They are just stunning!

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I currently have tadpoles and hopefully will have some frogs ready to go by the end of summer. Here's my price list for tomorrow.

I am limited on frogs right now so pre-sales are welcome to guarantee you get what you want. Tomorrow is the Show Me Reptile Expo in Broken Arrow.

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Here is what I will be bringing: Amazon milk frogs, Borneo eared tree frogs, Mexican black-eyed tree frogs, Red-eyed tree frogs, Albino red-eyed tree frogs, bubblegum red-eyed tree frogs, Lemur leaf frogs and glass frogs. Join me this weekend!

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I will have several different species of tree frogs, as well as products for your bioactive setups! I haven't had a chance to move the blue back reed frogs into their permanent enclosure.

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