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But any erotic appeal he might have here is likely to be limited to a very small subset of Swedish kickboxing female truck drivers.

And so does the mission Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye fame set himself last year, to fulfill the gymnastics promise of his school days and bring it into his stage shows - his slightly off-beam routine proves that even when performed by a year-old bearded man, the radiant joy of achieving a full split on stage can still be the cutest, most innocent thing in the world.

But while these more flagrant forms of crotch-spotlighting are fully intended to fuel audience fantasies, exactly how hot is it ever likely to be from the perspective of the person doing the splitting? That would be painful.

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Cabourn-Smith learned to do the front splits with either leg forward the other ones, where your legs hinge out on either side, are known variously as box splits, a middle split, or excruciatingly, the pancake split in her late 20s, and almost by accident. It affects so many muscles!

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I was then told off by a man dressed as Queen Victoria for not warming up first. Whether by accident or design, women and men have been getting themselves into split-like configurations for as long as people have had legs - as evidenced by the fact that there are recorded examples of bodily contortion being used as public entertainment from ancient cultures across the world.

The book The Greatest Shows on Earth: A History of the Circus by Linda Simon opens with the image of an Egyptian female contortionist that impressed someone enough to daub onto a wall at least 2, years ago.

Body bending has also been an element in East Asian religious rites and art forms for centuries - in Buddhist traditions in China, for example, and notably in Mongolia, where contortionism was refined into a graceful art in the royal palaces some years ago and remains a central ct of the national heritage.

But in modern Western culture the most obvious link between the splits specifically and the more virtuous historical traditions would seem to be yoga, with its ancient lineage in Hindu meditation and philosophical practice. Thanks to images like this, traveling yogis who thought they were exporting a high-minded meditative technique to Europe found instead that the extreme postures of yoga were being lumped together with those of the vaudeville contortionists.

Sullying the splits further in the Western imagination was the fact that these decades were also the age of the can-can, a dance built around vertical high kicks and its signature grand ecart jump splits move.

Why Guys Love When A Woman Can Do the Splits. Never has an action been so perfectly, well, split between childlike exuberance and horny contortion fetish. There are a few things in the popular imagination that get away with being both squeaky clean and filthy dirty at the same time. They somehow straddle the divide between hot and wholesome Little girl doing splits while older doing arch exercise hugging in the autumn park smiling happy. Little sister doing side splits while older. Little girl doing the splits. Cute little girl with long braids on his head, in yellow pants and a white t-shirt is trying to do the splits Isolated on white. Little girl doing the splits Pre-show stretch and lipstick application," she captioned the photo of herself doing a split in a thong, leaning forward to do her lipstick in a handheld mirror. She also included the hashtag

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How to do the Splits for the Inflexible! Beginner Splits Tutorial

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