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For example, one interviewee said: "I thought it was going to be a lot better to be honest. Only one young woman in the study stated slightly positive feelings about having had anal sex. Although she said she was persuaded by her partner to engage in anal sex, she also told the researcher that she was curious about trying it, and had enjoyed her experience.

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The researchers found that the teenagers thought women would generally be reluctant to have anal sex, and would participate only if persuaded, or even coerced into it, and that the act might hurt them. The researchers wrote that it seemed women commonly saw their role as accepting or declining their partner's request for anal sex, rather than being an equal decision-maker about this sexual activity.

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However, the researchers noted that some young men in the study did say they avoided anal sex because they believed it might hurt their partners. In some cases, teens reported that anal penetration happened accidentally, because they "slipped.

The researchers said describing events as "slips" may enable men and women to avoid confronting the possibility that a non-consensual penetration was deliberate.

The researchers found that many interviewed teenagers didn't know it is possible to get a sexually transmitted disease STD from upornoandroide.comotected anal sex.

Some actually said that getting an STD via anal sex was impossible, or less likely than for vaginal intercourse, according to the study.

The researchers also found that condoms don't seem to be a frequent element in anal sex, and when they were used, it was for hygiene purposes not STD prevention. You'll get the latest ates on this topic in your browser notifications.

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