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She started learning the violin when about 6 and could read music at 7 and also plays the piano, guitar, and recorder the last two or three may be self-taught. She had voice coaching from Dame Malvina Major from the time she was about 10 and her voice coach in London is Mary Hammond. In this respect she is more "classicaly trained" than many of those who continually claim she has no classical technique she doesn't use or affect and opera style with a great deal of vibrato etc, which maybe what these people notice.

The press and public insist on calling her and other crossover singers "classical". Resistance is futile, they will have their way and all the fulminating in the world from the opera community won't budge them.

The audience for Westenra and Co, is an untapped market of people who may not listen to or go to opera, but do not like - in fact often despise - what they call "pop" which means something different now from simply "popular" and "rock". Hence, while conceding she is not "strictly classical", Westenra also denies being "pop". Her fans, the public at large, the press, and the marketing people will not accept that the likes of Westenra, Celtic Woman, etc, are pop. Classical purists who attempt to change this are beating their heads against a brick wall and only have themselves to blame for putting a pejorative connotation on pop in the first place.

I have been told by one young person that Westenra is obviously "classical" because she's always sings with an orchestra in the background.

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I'm afraid that it's manifestly nonsense for any of us to think that we own the language and can control its use. In the long run it makes no difference what things are called.

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Having said that, some reference to the controversy about "crossover" music and terminology, might be appropriate. I certainly don't think it's an error for her to be called "crossover".

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Stunz3 August UTC. Also on the album is Pokarekare Anaa New Zealand love song which has enduring popularity. Pokarekare Ana is on the us version see Pure for more info. Andrew D WhiteAugust 4, UTC. Bio info was gathered from links on hayleywestenra.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Hayley Williams - Simmer Download/Stream Petals For Armor: by Warren Fu Produced by Whitney Jackson Director of P   Hayley Dee Westenra (born 10 April in Christchurch, New Zealand) is a New Zealand soprano of Irish heritage. Her first internationally released album, Pure, reached #1 on the UK classical charts in and has sold more than two million copies worldwide. Westenra has received awards for her contribution to music, both in New Zealand and elsewhere. Pure is the fastest-selling

com Andrew D WhiteAugust 4, UTC. I have seen evidence to support each side of this argument. The Govement of NZ spells it Clark but many NZ web pages spell it Clarke like hayleywestenra. Since this is a page about hayley shouldn't we spell the prime minister's name like she does or at least how her website spells it? Andrew D WhiteAugust 9, UTC.

No, the PM's name is Clark and we should use the correct spelling throughout. Lisiate18 August UTC. I don't think I've ever written "LOL" unironically before but: Hayley Westenra Promotional Picture featuring Hayley laying on her side in the grass looking to her left the picture's upper right.

Don't you think this is kinda overkill as a caption, considering that we can actually see the picture? I don't there's much possibility that we'll misunderstand what "her left" means, not that it matters. rodii24 September UTC. I over captioned it for the visually impared. Andrew D White25 September UTC. God forbid that I should appear to be a pedant, a stickler, or a prescriptivist, but it surprises me that none of those abominable beasts didn't complain about the use of the word "laying".

Stunz talk12 May UTC. I think that this is sourced enough now They either need to be sourced by their authors or they will be removed.

The Prayer Hayley Westenra and SoleMio

Andrew D White14 August UTC. Can someone please add the source, regarding the Unicef song in duet with Morten Harket of a-ha and Hayley Westenra. The rest of it is what your source is.

  Hayley Dee Westenra (born 10 April in Christchurch, New Zealand) is a New Zealand soprano of Irish heritage. Her first internationally released album, Pure, reached #1 on the UK classical charts in and has sold more than two million copies pornoandroide.comra has received awards for her contribution to music, both in New Zealand and elsewhere NEW Hayley Westenra nude photos have been leaked online! See the Pop Singer exposed pics and video only at CPP! Paradiso is an international album by Christchurch, New Zealand soprano Hayley Westenra, in collaboration with Italian maestro Ennio was released worldwide beginning 18 April in New Zealand. Paradiso features new compositions written by Morricone for Westenra, as well as Hayley performing some of his best-known film compositions in vocalese

Andrew D White19 August UTC. I have removed something an anomious user added since it wasn't sourcecd. If you can provided a good source you can add it back in.

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All I could find to support this were fourms which are not reliable to say in the least. In her songs "Prayer" and her rendition of the Maori folk song "Pokarekare Ana" were featured in the Nintendo Wii video game Endless Ocean Known as Forever Blue in Japan and Europe. Andrew D White4 August UTC. I feel that we need to source all material on the page.

I have removed all unsourced material to here since no one has sourced it and I cannot find sources for them. It can be returned whenever you source it.

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Andrew D White. She is sometimes referred to as a "young female Josh Groban ". The autumn saw several more solo concerts, mainly in the UK, and a UK Christmas tour called "Christmas Presence" is to follow in December. In addition to her musical talent, Westenra has become noted for her kind and good nature. She frequently meets her fans after performances and is usually very good about signing autographs and conversing.

In fact the title "diva" simply makes her break out into gales of laughter. this is kinda back in I found a source that said something simular see the newer version of the article. Andrew D White14 December UTC. She is not abandoning her solo career, however, as a third international album is being recorded for release sometime in On November 25th she sang the New Zealand National Anthem at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff prior to kick off for the Wales verses New Zealand rugby match.

I have to thank the guys at Hayley Westenra International for sending me some pictures to add to the page.

Conversations! recommend hayley westenra ass agree

These pictures seem to add quite a bit to the page. If any one else has any pictures that can be placed in here without overwhelming the article still feel free to do so. Andrew D White31 May UTC. Yes, I know that that story is often reiterated. But are we going to take that as gospel, or what she says herself in interviews? Are we just to accept any newspaper story because we can "source it" - as long as it is printed somewhere, are we to cite it as correct?

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There are at least conflicting stories. The fan sites think you have it wrong and you do. Hayley, Sophie, and some other kids went busking after doing a show at the Arts Centre and seeing the other buskers getting money.

Hayley westenra ass

Hayley and Sophie kept it up. That the people in Auckland offered her a contract "sight unseen", is sort of true. But before she turned 11 she had been in 40 odd productions including one with the Canterbury Opera Company. She had entered many talent quests a number of which had been televised. The people in Auckland probably had a file on her a foot thick.

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There was no journalist who made a TV show after seeing her busking. She sent one of the odd CDs to Universal and it was after that that they contacted her. If we are to believe Mr Bartlett he also discovered Yulia, Will Martin, Elizabeth Marvelly, and about a dozen other people.

I thought the lessons with Dame Malvina were much earlier than you say too. Still, if you want Wikipedia to be a vehicle for repeating the offical hype, that's up to you. Stunz talk30 June UTC. And Mr Gray Bartlett's claims to have discovered Westenra are dubious to say the least.

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He played some sort of brief role in management early on but then he annoyed Hayley and hasn't been seen or heard of since. Not in Hayley's publicity.

He forced her to go public and contradict him after he complained that the New Zealand Music Awards were biased for not giving Hayley first prize. Is there hard evidence that he arranged the deal with Universal?

Stunz22 July UTC. I didn't try to report anything false, I just reported what I found in other articles. See what I have sourced for the exact wording that I based that part of the article upon. I will re-read the articles when I have time to make sure that I have not missread them. Andrew D White23 July UTC.

I am not accusing you of deliberately reporting anything false. I'm sure you want it as accurate as possible. I am simply warning against just repeating the Decca or whoever's publicty department uncritically. Andrew, can you answer my question. There are two conflicting accounts, obviously.

accept. The

I would simply like to know why you are accepting one account rather than the other. Have you a reason to believe that the story about the journalist and the TV show is more accurate than Westenra's own account? Do you think she is lying to - This is a dreadful piece of writing: "A concert promotion company, under the direction of Gray Bartlett, watched the show and became interested in working with Westenra.

Concert promotion companies don't watch television. I'm not being pedantic, it is just gramatically bad, and, incidentally, not true. You also say: "and one woman asked the girls if they had ever recorded anything. The woman turned out to be a journalist with Canterbury Television, and she asked Westenra to appear on air. The source says: "At one point, the crowd that gathered to watch the trio included a local TV journalist.

That led to a TV appearance, the attention of concert promoter Gray Bartlett and, eventually, a deal with Universal Music New Zealand.

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The source doesn't mention "Canterbury Television", just a "local TV journalist". Stunz talk15 February UTC. Get me the name of the journalist and the name of the show Westenra appeared on and when it was broadcast. I would have thought that the fact that Westenra herself has given a different account in two interviews at least, and that no one living in Christchurch can remember the show that launched one of their most famous singers may be worth taking into account Stunz talk22 August UTC.

The article needs a good copy-edit.

Feel free to re-nominate once these issues have been addressed. M3tal H3a 21 December UTC. I am crossing the above out as I feel they have been addressed.

I had to copy-edit your critique as you had a typo. Please note that dating in this format is acceptable Europeans write the day before the month as where Americans do not. All images on this page now have a fair use rationale. I just realised that they wrote The Mummer's Dance instead of The Mummers' Dance.

I wonder who's to blame - Decca or Hayley? I just went to www. Il Divo 30 Items Ennio Morricone 17 Items Andrea Bocelli 11 Items see all. Classical Items Pop Items Rock 47 Items Easy Listening 31 Items Country 21 Items Opera 21 Items New Age 19 Items Folk 17 Items Release Year. Not Specified Items Vocal 44 Items Chorale 33 Items Classical Pop 32 Items Symphony 13 Items Lullaby 12 Items Pop Rock 12 Items Record Label.

Decca Items Universe 40 Items Odyssey 9 Items 9. Universal Distribution 8 Items 8.

All rights and copyright belong to Decca Records and Universal Music Group Don't forget to turn on the subtitles!Lyrics:Through the rain the sunlight wa Hayley Westenra: classical music's fallen star. She was signed to Universal at 12 and four years later launched the fastest-selling classical debut album of all time. But behind the angelic Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Find great deals on for hayley westenra. Shop with confidence

Universal International 4 Items 4. Beggars Banquet 2 Items 2. Deutsche Grammophon 2 Items 2. EMI Classics 2 Items 2. Album Items Single 8 Items 8. EP 3 Items 3. Maxi-Single 1 Items 1.

Mini Album 1 Items 1. Sealed 74 Items Compilation 57 Items Import 31 Items Numbered 29 Items DualDisc 28 Items Digipak 8 Items 8. Mixed 3 Items 3.

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Remastered 2 Items 2. New Items Used Items Not Specified 6 Items 6. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Buy It Now. Item Location.

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Paradiso became the 85th local 1 album since the inception of the Official New Zealand Music Charts in Paradiso hit 1 on the official UK Classical Chartsas well as the Classic FM chart, after its release in the UK. com US classical chart after release in the United States. On 17 JulyWestenra talked about working with world-renowned composers on Paradiso when interviewed by Terry Woganand performed Whispers In A Dream and "Songbird" live for BBC Radio 2.

To promote and spread ParadisoWestenra announced her plan to embark on the Paradiso Homecoming Toura tour of the UK, New Zealand, and east Asia. During the tour, River of Dreams and Paradiso is reentering New Zealand Albums Chart at 6 and 7 on 21 Nov, [41] and Paradiso is reentering 1 on TaiWan classical music chart.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Paradiso Hayley Westenra album. Hayley Westenra and Ennio Morricone.

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August Retrieved 30 August Archived from the original on 11 October Retrieved 31 August Retrieved 12 August Archived from the original on 29 March Retrieved 22 January Archived from the original on 30 December Retrieved 12 February RadioScope New Zealand.

Archived from the original on 24 July Retrieved 17 May The Recording Industry Association of New Zealand.

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