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And in the case of this man, the fact that the glass had already broken inside of him made regular extraction more dangerous.

The forceps fractured the glass, and the patient had to undergo a temporary colostomy-an operation that creates an opening for the colon through the abdomen. Dangers of inserting these foreign objects include anal sphincter injury-which could cause fecal incontinence, or lack of control over bowel movements-inflammation or narrowing of the anal canal, holes or tears in the rectum, or a bowel obstruction.

That can mean serious complications. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Life-Changing Power of Resilience. Yes, It's Safe to Go to the Gym Right Now. Sort of. The Men's Health Day Butt Workout Challenge.

Jake Lacy Wasn't The Nice Guy On Purpose. The 44 Outdoor Essentials For Your Next Adventure. Today we will look at four types of glass breakage:. Typical impact glass breakage without puncture Danger of broken glass injury.

Glass shards from broken annealed or heat strengthened glass are dangerous and must be handled with care. Back to the ball-through-the-window example, the glass breakage pattern will vary depending on the speed and mass of the ball, and the size, thickness and post-annealing treatments that were performed on the glass prior to the ballgame.

A very well-hit hardball, or a well thrown rock squarely hitting a piece of annealed glass will produce glass breakage with a circular puncture with cracks emanating outward from the point of impact. The resulting shards between these cracks are dangerous! Broken glass injuries can be serious, even deadly. If broken glass shards fall out on your arm as often happens during clean-up you will soon be in the emergency room. Experienced glaziers often tape the shards together with duct tape, then remove the entire panel.

If you must remove these shards, remove the upper ones first, then the lower ones. Use heavy rubber gloves, protect your arms, head, eyes and feet, and place the shards in a cardboard box, not a garbage bag.

Blunt impact on long lite of annealed glass Blunt or Distributed Impact on Long, Narrow Lite of Annealed Glass In this example, we see a horizontal crack at the center of the blunt glass impact, with cracks radiating away from the impact.

Due to the ct ratio relationship between width and heightshards are long and narrow. If you are dealing with a glass breakage epidemic email me at mark chicagowindowexpert.

Small Rock High Velocity Congratulations to this vandal who was able to select just the right sized small rock, and hurl it at a speed righteous enough to completely puncture this glass.

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The combination of size and speed resulted in a localized pattern of glass breakage. This vandal chose quality over quantity. He selected a smaller stone, which he was able to accelerate to a greater velocity, sufficient to completely puncture the glass. Although he scored a large area of glass damage, he failed to achieve the goal of full glass penetration.

The impact was large enough, however, to break the interior lite of the insulating glass unit. In the picture below you can see two sets of impact breakage patterns. You can also see the rich source of projectiles: railroad tracks. One week after we finished installing windows in a new high school, local kids had a field day with the rocks and our new windows.

Vandal with big ideas hurled a sizable rock and achieved a big glass breakage pattern, but failed to breach the fortress Tempered glass breakage pattern. Seeing a cubic breakage pattern does not tell you why the glass broke, it only tells you that the glass was tempered. Generally, there are three reasons tempered glass will break: impact, edge damage or inclusions. Inclusions are tiny impurities in the glass. The most well known are nickel sulfide, however there are also ferrous, silica and gaseous inclusions which look like tiny bubbles.

Normally, when tempered glass breaks, it falls down into a pile of little cubes.

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Only the most patient glass consultants with the most generous client would ever consider piecing the cubes together to determine the cause of breakage. That being said, I have personally spent many hours picking through broken glass looking for an important clue: a pair of adjacent hexagons, known as a butterfly pattern, that borders a nickel sulfide inclusion.

However, occasionally the pieces of broken tempered glass will stay in the opening, locked to each other like blocks in a masonry arch. And just like in a masonry arch, if you remove the keystone, the arch - or glass in this case - comes tumbling down. If you look closely, you can see the crack origin on this tempered glass. A This glass is tempered and laminated. The PVB interlayer holds the cubes in place.

This picture shows broken glass which was a part of a laminated unit. The PVB polyvinyl butyral interlayer held the pieces in place, giving us an opportunity to observe that impact related glass breakage can be visible, even in tempered glass. Glass, and especially tempered glass, sometimes breaks all by itself.

This can be quite disconcerting when, as has happened in a public place which will go unnamed here in our great city, large, thick panes of tempered glass basically blew up fairly frequently. The unusual cause in this rare instance: the glazing contractor attempted to grind the edges of the glass after it was tempered, creating a series of time bombs. It is a very bad idea to modify glass after it is tempered!

A more well-known, but also quite rare cause of spontaneous glass breakage is nickel sulfide inclusions. If you read the previous post, you will already be down with the fact that glass is made from melted powders. A nickel sulfide inclusion is a tiny rock of material that remains in the glass.

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Below see an artists graphic representation of a nickel sulfide inclusion. Artists representation of nickel sulfide inclusion. But the story gets worse. If it is located in the strata in the glass between tension and compression, and it grows, kaboom!

If you have a glass breakage injury email me at mark chicagowindowexpert. One of the scariest, yet somewhat common type of tempered glass spontaneous breakage is in glass shower doors. They are exposed to banging against bumpers, heat from the shower, wrenching action of through-mounted towel bars and of course, nickel sulfide inclusions.

In hotels, multiply the risk factors by the number of rooms and the lack of care typically taken by a hotel patron. Broken glass in tub after shower door shattered There can be a delay between impact and crack propagation in tempered glass, just like any other glass, and sometimes the time the glass finally explodes seems ironic and and Machiavellian. Quite often the perverted glass will explode while the unsuspecting victim is naked and in the shower.

The victim is naked. There are sharp cubes of glass projectiles flying around. The victim is bare footed. The victim must walk barefooted over a field of freshly shattered glass shards.

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Hopefully you are not cut too badly. Without moving your feet too much, look for a towel. Try to grab it and lay it down on the glass so you can walk out. Then get the hell out and never shower again. Stress cracks emanate from the edge of the glass and meander about apparently without purpose.

But there is a purpose: to relieve stress in the glass. If annealed glass is subjected to thermal fluctuations that create glass stress beyond its capabilities, the glass will break in a way that will relieve the stresses induced by thermal changes. This type of failure is often a design issue.

Heat strengthened glass may have been a better choice for the application. However, there can be a near-identical breakage pattern which emanates from damage in the glass edge that fails as normal stresses, such as thermal, are applied. In this case the edge damage, not the thermal stress is the culprit. Photo of broken glass. Classic meandering pattern of heat-related stress crack, accompanied by evidence of edge damage. In this case, the building had both: edge damage and underspecified glass.

Reflective blinds and a South exposure combined to create a high frequency of this type of breakage. You might have to look hard because the oyster could be buried in the primary seal on the 2 or 3 surface. Another clue would be the distribution of glass breakage in the building. It would be normal to find stress-like cracks on elevations with greater temperature swings.

But does the breakage also coincide with the use of reflective interior blinds, especially in a partially opened position? That would be indicative of a true stress crack, rather than a crack induced by edge damage.

Also, look outside. Is there something that shades the glass partially?

That could be a factor. Want to learn more about nickel sulfide inclusions that can spontaneously shatter temper glass? See this photo album: Nickel Sulfide Inclusion: A tiny speck that destroys tempered glass Great resource from Viracon Viracon Technical Information: Thermal Stress Breakage Mark Meshulam,glass consultant, observing that glass is not broken Need a glass consultant to diagnose glass breakage or investigate a broken glass injury?

  One Italian man probably wishes he heeded that advice. The year-old finally sought out emergency care after spending two days with a 3 x 2 inch glass drinking glass stuck in his rectum

No matter where you are, contact me, Mark Meshulam, the Chicago Window Expert For the expert attention you deserve Mark ChicagoWindowExpert. Current client locations: Alabama, Alberta, Arizona, Arkansas, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Japan, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Russia, Singapore, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington State, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

Coming soon to your area! No matter where you are, contact me, Mark Meshulam, the Chicago Window Expert to learn all about windows and glass! My email: Mark ChicagoWindowExpert. Upcoming travel: California, New York, New Jersey, Florida.

If you are in these areas and need help with your building, call right away and save costs. Pretty good post. I just found your site and wanted to say that I have really liked reading your posts. I know the family that ownes Florida Crush Stone. Do you want me to help forward this site to people in related industries?

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Do you work with companies around the country? How small is too small? I would be grateful for readers forwarding this site to other interested parties. Yes, we do work with companies around the country, despite the ChicagoWindowExpert name. In the consulting part of our business, there is no job too large or small. Thanks for writing!

Thanks for the nice comment from my friend Victor Wei of Yuanda. Congratulations to Yuanda for those two wonders! I came across your website and found it very helpful. I was curious if you had any photos of nickel-sulfide inclusions? Based on the tempered glass breakage photo on your website, it would appear that my living room window has a point of impact.

The outside window pane is intact, according to the supplier. Hi Kim, According to my glass experts, a nickel sulfide inclusion should be visible to the naked eye. Attached please find an interesting photo I recently came across.

Hi, Kim, I am working in a window glass production plant. Recently I am getting more complaint from my customers regarding temperness. But I found very good cutting in size before packing.

  Tempered Glass Breakage. When tempered glass breaks, the energy retained in the glass due to internal tension/compression releases explosively and produces a glass breakage pattern sometimes called "cubes". Seeing a cubic breakage pattern does not tell you why the glass broke, it only tells you that the glass was tempered Now everything is just X This, Y That; Forgive me for sounding like one of those "back in my day" old men, but I'll always remember this as "Jar squatter". The muted pop sound it's horrifying. I always knew it as jar squatter (: Arguably it's one man, no jar. And at that moment, he knew he'd fucked up   Read about 1 Man 1 Jar - Glass Breaks In His Ass! - by and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists

will you please be able to help me in this regard. what are the general breakages styles of different reasons in related to stress, strain vice versa. if you have any pictures related to that subject please enclose with details. your co-operation is highly obliged. The pattern you see on the background of this page scroll all the way down is a clasic breakage pattern of tempered glass.

I recently learned that it is possible for a lite of glass to be incompletely tempered, i.

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tempered in some areas and not fully tempered in other areas. Although I have never seen it, this condition could result in a hybrid breakage pattern that transitioned from the tempered cubes to larger shards.

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Has anyone out there ever seen such a thing? Since tempering occurs when glass is heated then rapidly cooled, I would imagine an uneven temper could result from uneven heating or cooling. I have experienced the incomplete tempering process. It is a laminated glass, the breakage happened at surface no. The breakage pattern is as shown in the background, just like a tempered.

Hi Mark. I stumbled on your article while researching a problem I have. Perhaps you can help me? I recently broke a peice of safety glass in one of my homes french doors. There are 15 seperate glass panels and they are double paned.

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The glass that shattered remained in place entirely - just completely cracked. I have no idea how to carefully get the broken piece out though without possibly breaking the pane behind it too. Should I just carefully tap on it with something like a screwdriver until it punctures it? Mark, I cleaned the outsides of the exterior windows on a newly constructed large downtown building. The windows have the new external aluminum window louvers attached above in strategic locations on the east south and west sides of the building.

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This is a very time intensive job and after a month we are finally wrapping this up. due to many days of heavy wind delays and carefully working around those louvers.

at the outset we were instructed to not put any weight on these louvers whatsover as in the past there had been some cracking problems with the same set up but at a different office building using the same glass installers I noticed today that one of the windows that we had cleaned at the beginning has developed a large stress crack that goes from upper right hand corner side down to right corner and then up and across entire window to the left side.

This just happened over the weekend. What are your thought on this? There can be many reasons for this type of breakage. First, there will always be a few lites that seem to break spontaneously during the first few years of building operation - usually this means that there was a hidden weakness, such as edge damage or an inclusion, that finally got around to breaking.

Temperature fluctuations help bring out hidden defects. If it is not edge damage or an inclusion, then the glass may not be designed for the conditions.

In other words, if the louvers or other projections cause a pattern of triangular shading on the glass, if the glass is annealed only, it may break. If they want to blame you for the crack, get pictures and ask them to show you the point of impact.

Glass breaks in ass

If glass is broken by impact, there will be a very noticeable point from which many cracks emanate. Unfortunately too many manufacturers make their products difficult or impossible to reglaze.

Glass breaks in my ass while boofing. So this is a story I feel a few people will get a kick out of, but I'm not rather proud of. The day started off with my weed guy hitting me up saying he had two sheets of Lucy on the line and I was definitely intrested. Well after inquiring for the price the lsd magically turned into "synthetic lsd that   In addition to making tempered glass four to five times stronger than conventional annealed glass, re-heating and rapid quenching dramatically changes the break characteristics of the glass. Consequently, when tempered glass is broken, it shatters into thousands of tiny pebbles-this practically eliminates the danger of human injury caused by sharp edges and flying shards   About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Author: gronk the destroyer

Shame on you, window manufacturers who do this. You are screwing the public! The glass will be held in by two things: stops and sealant. If it is a wood door, the stops will be little strips of wood nailed just to the interior side of the glass to hold it in place, although with some of the high strength sealants out there, it is not really necessary, except for appearance.

Gently and carefully remove the stop by sliding a sharp razor knife along the seam between the stop and the frame and also between glass and stop to separate the stop from the frame.

You should now see the glass edge. Measure the actual glass size. Go order a piece of replacement insulated glass. When it arrives, remove the old glass by any means possible: cutting along the glass where it is adhered to the frame on the exterior, cutting away any sealant around the glass edges visible from the interior, prying and prying every witcha-way. If the glass is stubborn, and it is tempered, nick away at the face of the glass with the claw end of a hammer until the glass breaks, then peel and clean it away.

I am not a fan of removing the broken lite and leaving the intact lite. It will look strange and who needs that? we put some mirrors in a work out room several months ago and 3 or 4 months later they crack at the corner and than went straight across the mirror. The owner said it was out faultNow he wants new mirrors. He is a good customer. In front of these mirrors on the floor is a weight rack where they are picked up and put down.

I told them that the floor was bouncing up and down. I think I am right.

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I have recently visited your website chicagowindowexpert. com and have looked at the glass patterns that you have described. Can this pattern also be a result of thermal or temperature related stress? If not, can you tell me what kind of object or impact would cause such a pattern? Thanks a lot! Full width of lite Closeup of center.

Hi TJ, It looks like the glass is receiving some loading from above. Remove the interior glass stop at the top of the glass lite and see if the frame is touching the top of the glass this would be bad.

Then remove the bottom glazing stops and see if the setting blocks are at quarterpoints. I am going to guess that the setting blocks are at the transition between the cracked area and the middle bottom crescent. I finally had a chance to take a look at the glass weather is finally warm enough!

The frame was touching exactly where you thought it was, I suppose it is due to the settling of the frame. The settling blocks were at quarterpoints and between the cracked area and the middle-bottom crescent as you said! Microscopic imperfections buried within the pane are behind the spate of exploding glass balconies on downtown condo towers, an engineer says. Mark Brook is a partner at BVDA FaA§ade Engineering which is analyzing glass from the north tower of the Murano building, where at least nine panes have exploded since last September.

Brook recently discovered nickel sulfide crystals in two shattered panes. These crystals grow over time, which stresses the glass. If the imperfection is in the right place, the pressure builds until the pane explodes. But the engineering firm was lucky. It had been testing intact panels from the north tower of the Murano building as the developer took them down. One night, a pane resting against a wall in the testing facility exploded.

They found their specific glass bit.

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Brook first suspected the faulty glass was from a bad batch. It was actually several contaminated batches from manufacturing facilities in the United States that ended up in Toronto. When the weather got extremely cold this past winter, a crack started from the oyster and ran down the window about 18 inches.

The house was just a few months old, and the Builder is refusing to replace it. If you have any pictures, that would be very helpful.

An oyster is a clamshell-shaped chip in the surface of the glass, usually emanating from an edge. It is the result of damage to the glass edge, such as might occur if the glass were pried in place with a metal prybar during installation.

Glass edges are sensitive and brittle. They should never be allowed to contact metal. Wood is used frequently for standing a lite of glass onto prior to installation. Once installed, the glass should be sitting on hard rubber neporene is often used setting blocks at the bottom quarter points. If your glass was already installed into the window when it arrived to your jobsite, the edge damage probably occurred at the factory.

If they refuse, let me know. Maybe I will be able to persuade them to do the right thing. The photo below is at the bottom of the glass just next to the setting block.

  A man in China was left dangling from a bridge after its glass panels were damaged in high wind. The man was visiting the m-high bridge ( ft) in the Piyan Mountain, in the north-east of the   H-Dizzle and Allen react from the glass in ass video. This is a video of a guy that puts an entire mason jar made of glass in his rectum and then it smashes Author: H Dizzle OUDEW Glass Breaker, Window Hammer, Metal Car Safety Hammer,with Hard Alloy Head Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Aluminium Alloy Emergecy Escape Tool (Silver 1PCS) out of 5 stars. $ $ 10coupon applied at checkout. Save 10with coupon

There are a pair of oysters at the bottom of the glass. They are spaced apart about the width of a pry-bar used often by glaziers. The glass cracked about a year after it was first installed.

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I was asked to become involved because a number of such breaks occurred about 90 feet up the side of an NFL football stadium and a serious safety hazard was of concern. I asked to join the glaziers on the swing stage so I could inspect the glass edge as soon as it was uncovered.

Edge damage from the original construction was evident on most of the broken lites. We have already been deposed over the issue sand this issue along with other defects is scheduled for trial in a month.

The refusal of the builder to come out and look at the problems has necesssitated this action. The window has already been replaced because we are selling the house, but we would like to recoup sizeable expenses. Again, I truly appreciate your time and efforts to help those of us who have little knowledge about these subjects. My garden window in my kitchen - the sloped top portion - spontaneously cracked. It is the interior layer of a double-pane. We installed the window about 7 or 8 years ago when we replaced all the other windows in the house.

This was the only one that required no retro-fitting or adaptation of the frame; it slipped in flawlessly, and has been my pride and joy every since. I think the heater was running at the time, but there again, nothing unusual. So all I can reasonably explain is it must be the Ghost in the Glass. or a feather. The shards are almost uniformly an inch or so wide, but some are well over a foot long. I just had windows installed. Today, the company put in a replacement for a window that had cracked during installation.

I noticed something on the left side of the window that they were putting in and asked if that was a crack. Should I ask them to replace it again? We have built a new house using some used parts. Yesterday we came in to find one slider door, a glass header over the front door and the side glass panel of the front door all broken on the inside panes only. It seems odd that they are only broken on the inside panes, in different places in the house and all happened on the same day.

No weather, no sign of impact. Hate to think vandals did this but really trying to figure it out. The slider looks like your background of your site, the door ones have a small place where it broke and then travelled. A small rock was thrown at my window from outside but only the inside pane broke. There are no marks on the outside window except a dirty mark on the frame PVC. The police have told me it is not possible to break an inside window by throwing something at it from outside and suggested I did this myself from inside.

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I am shocked at this suggestion and would like to ask how is this possible that only the inside pane would break. The breakage looks like small stone high velocity but on a larger scale. Is there any chance the direction of impact force was on the unbroken side, or would it necessarily be on the fractured side?

Yes, you can have an impact on the opposite side from the broken side in a laminated unit. As some glass scientists say, glass only breaks in tension, not in compression.

When you push on one side of the glass, then tension is on the other side. If there is a weakness on that side, breakage is more likely. Mark, Great site, very informative.


They look like the stress cracks picture and I contend window washer put too much pressure on it with a foot. He says it is because of hail or a small stone. I live on 5th floor so stone is a joke and there are no impact marks or damage to screens.

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Glass is double paned and only outer glass is cracked. Is it possible that I am wrong? Thanks, Eric. We have a glazing company based in Coventry England.

In one single day last week we had 6 different customers ringing with broken double glazed units. After surveying each job I had noticed they all had broken in a similar way to your example of blunt or disturbed impact. On the night of the breakage we had temperatures of Would this play any factor in the breakages? Also I noted that all the broken units were of similar size x mm approx. Would it be just coincidence in your opinion.

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