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This procedure is done purely for cosmetic reasons. The results you can achieve, will vary from one person to another and depend a lot on the natural color of your skin. An achievable goal would be to lighten your anal area to the same shade as the surrounding skin. Anus bleaching has been a growing trend for many years now, increasing in popularity steadily, ever since the early s.

To begin with, it was mainly porn stars and strippers who were interested in this beauty treatment. However as pornography has become more mainstream and readily available, the interest in anal whitening has grown enormously among regular people. Now there are many men and women, wanting to achieve the same look as those they see in the adult entertainment industry. These kits come in creams, serums, or gels.

You can either apply these yourself at home or visit a spa or beauty salon for this treatment. The anal bleaching cream or gel needs to be applied twice daily until the desired lighter color is achieved.

It usually takes somewhere between 2 to 6 weeks, to see results. If you do this yourself at home, your total cost can be under a hundred dollars. Depending on which product you choose. If you go to a spa or salon it will be a few hundred dollars in total. A spa treatment will usually begin with waxing if needed, followed by a kojic acid peel.

Which is a mild type of chemical peel used to exfoliate the area. You will then be sent home with an anal bleaching kit, so you can apply the whitening cream yourself at home. If you do decide to get this done at a spa, you need to ask specifically which anal bleach will be used. Some products may get faster results than others but will likely contain harsh ingredients, that come with health risks and side effects such as skin irritation.

The best option is to only use intimate whitening products that contain completely natural ingredients. For instance, alpha arbutin and kojic acid are natural bleaching agents that are both safe and effective.

Laser skin lightening is normally performed by a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist. A precision laser is used to remove the dark area of skin around the anus, revealing lighter skin underneath. Normally several sessions are required with adequate time, roughly two weeks, to recover between each visit. By the time you have completed all the treatments, the total cost will likely be well over two thousand dollars.

The number of treatments needed and the total cost can vary greatly from one individual to another.

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In all cases, a consultation will be required first. This method of anal or genital bleaching also needs to be done by a qualified medical practitioner, usually a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, using liquid nitrogen.

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The nitrogen is used to freeze the dark skin cells so that they will die off to be replaced by new lighter cells. Several visits may also be needed. As this treatment is performed by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, it is a costly procedure as well. Results can also vary from one person to another.

This bleaching serum is perfect for lightening and whitening the intimate areas of the body such as the vagina and anal area without causing irritation or rashes. This product contains the skin bleaching ingredient Kojic Acid which helps in slowing the production   If you don't dare to let a stranger work on your anus, you can get a bleaching cream and apply it easily on different parts in a discrete setting. Your anus is a delicate area and spas may not provide you with good hygiene for the procedure. The risks of germ contamination from a salon are higher than from your home

Both of the methods that are performed by a plastic surgeon do come with risks, just like any surgery. The risks which include scarring, infection, and not getting the desired result, will need to be discussed prior to treatment.

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Whether you choose DIY anal bleaching or you decide to go to a beauty spa or salon, you need to be aware that not all whitening products are considered safe. There are some people within the medical community who have concerns about using products containing this harsh ingredient for any type of skin whitening, regardless of which part of your body you want to lighten. The use of hydroquinone in skin whitening products has already been banned in many countries and the subject is currently under scrutiny in the USA.

Other ingredients you need to avoid are mercury, steroids, and parabens. The best option is to avoid products containing any type of man-made chemicals. It definitely is possible to bleach your own anus safely at home as long as you choose lightening products containing only natural and safe ingredients, that have been specifically made for whitening intimate areas such as the anus, vagina, penis, or nipples. For more details about doing it SAFELY yourself at homecheck out the company which makes one of the most cost-effective, popular, and safe anal bleaching creams in the USA:.

Information on butthole bleaching can easily be found online, with everything from anal bleaching before and after comparisons to clear guides as to how to try ass bleaching at home with ease. As with any professional cosmetic surgery treatment, this procedure can be extremely expensive when performed by a skilled and accredited professional.

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These home asshole bleaching kits vary in content, containing ingredients such as niacinamide, kojic acid, hydroquinone, or azelaic acid, to name a few.

All of these active ingredients exfoliate the dead skin cells that cause darker coloration in your skin, effectively removing the dark skin and lightening the appearance of your anal skin.

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These options are great for bleaching your anus at home on a budget, but they are not without their risks. Some of the chemicals commonly used in butt bleaching products for home use may be seen as carcinogenic, such as kojic acid and hydroquinone, according to data given by the National Institute of Health.

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As such, it is important to take care and follow all instructions provided with anus bleaching products, and it is generally advisable to only use products manufactured in the USA, as these will follow regulations with regards to which ingredients are safe to use. In general, when applying butt bleach at home on a budget, you should always make sure that your skin is clean, dry, and entirely free from scratches and infections.

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Then, ensuring your hands are clean, apply the product with care, avoiding the anus itself. Budget anal bleach products are usually more mild than those used by professionals, so it may well take up to three months of applying these products, sometimes doing so as often as twice a day, in order to see clear results.

Is There Such Thing as Home Remedies for Anal Bleaching? Fruit enzymes - Fruit enzymes are an excellent natural home remedy to use. In nature, fruit enzymes are known as Pearl powder - Contains Conchiolin which is very useful in boosting collagen production (the regeneration of new skin Almond   Anal bleaching is a cosmetic choice that more and more women and men are making when trying to feel sexier for their partners, be more confident in their bodies or even to be beach ready for the summer. Anal bleaching will not fix anal coloration, but with upkeep, can produce results that people are happy with Vitamin C is a key player in skin cell renewal and this is one of the most popular DIY methods for bleaching as it can change the natural skin color of your anus. You must use lemon juice that you have freshly squeezed from the fruits to see results here

These results can last for up to six months, but the effort required to apply anal bleach at home on a budget can put many people off! Anal bleaching products are made with some fairly aggressive chemicals, and they are applied to some very delicate and sensitive areas of skin. As you can imagine, there can be some unpleasant side effects from these products! Any skin lightening creams can lead to skin irritation, and this can be much more common and more severe when applied to sensitive areas like the skin around your anus.

Watch out for burning, stinging, and severe itching during and immediately after treatments!

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If you experience adverse effects like these as a result of using an anus bleaching product, stop using the product immediately and wash the affected area thoroughly.

This can cause constipation and pain during bowel movements, which can be a serious and painful chronic problem.

You should always consult a dermatologist before using any anal bleaching product, whether applied by professionals or at home in a DIY anal bleaching session, there is a lot more information out there on anal bleachinglike you'll find on analbleachingguide.

For more detailed information about the side effects of anal bleaching head over to our side effects page. If the risks of doing your own anus bleaching at home are enough to put you off, or if budget is less of a concern for you, then you might want to consider going to a professional for anus bleaching treatments.

The products used by professionals tend to have different chemical compositions to those available over the counter for DIY use, and tend to be a little more aggressive. This means that they work faster, giving visible results after fewer treatments, but also that the risk of post treatment infection is higher.

Ass bleaching is the process of applying serums or creams to the skin around your anal area to bleach the skin, lightening it. Anus bleaching can restore discolored patches of skin to a paler and fresher skin tone, helping you feel more confident about your freshly bleached butthole and how it looks   A spa treatment will usually begin with waxing if needed, followed by a kojic acid peel. Which is a mild type of chemical peel used to exfoliate the area. You will then be sent home with an anal bleaching kit, so you can apply the whitening cream yourself at home   Risks of at-home anal bleaching treatments include: Incorrect application. You may apply too much of the product or in the wrong places. This increases the risk of the Permanent damage. Some products can lead to skin damage, scarring, and permanent discoloration, as can improper Anal

That should, however, be balanced out by the advantages of professional application; professional cosmeticians are much less likely to misapply the bleaching products in hazardous ways than most DIY users are! Professionals applying creams to your anus, however, have far better visibility and easier access. One of the main causes of hyperpigmentation and skin darkening that can make anal bleaching treatments less effective and harder to maintain proper results is the combination of heat and friction.

This means that you should probably also avoid activities such as waxing, laser hair removal, wearing a thong, and hot yoga, or at least exercise some caution when participating in such activities. Like any other skin lightening procedure, bleaching is intended to target discolored areas of skin to make them lighter and more aesthetically appealing.

Infancy science speak, bleaching creams and gels reduce hyper-pigmentation which is when there is an excessive concentration of melanin dark pigment in an area of skin. Product Our Rating 1 Amaira Whitening Cream Key features: Hydroquinone-free, doesn't irritate, works over time and is approved by dermatologists.

This is because some products contain harsh chemical ingredients which can be potentially harmful. For example, the chemical hydroquinone is present in many anal bleach formulations but is now banned in all EU countries and across Asia after being linked to an increased risk of cancer, chemical burns, and other skin irritation. Wash and moisturize your anal region thoroughly and always make sure that it is completely dry before applying any anus bleach.

Should you experience any burning sensation, pain or other irritation while applying bleach, stop treatment immediately and apply vaseline to protect the skin.

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Read more on the side effects of Anal Bleaching. Every anus bleaching treatment is designed to achieve the same aim - a lighter, more aesthetically-pleasing ass, but the number of treatments and precise directions for use will vary according to the product that you buy.

Any product which contains hydroquinone is likely to require fewer treatments as this strong chemical agent works quickly.

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However, with this added strength comes an increased risk of skin irritation such as a burning sensation and, in worst case scenarios, chemical burns. Before we get into the different forms of anal bleaching treatments, have you considered just doing it in the comfort of your own home?

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Without having a stranger touch your intimate parts. Check out our top rated cream below to do just this! Key features: Hydroquinone-free, doesn't irritate, works over time and is approved by dermatologists. Although you might prefer the idea of anus bleaching in the privacy of your own home, many beauty spas now offer butt beautifying treatments on their standard treatment menu.

Top 10 Anal Bleaching and Skin Lightening FAQ Answered By A Doctor

Pros: Spa technicians typically use stronger intimate bleaches than those that you would purchase as part of a home-kit. In a nutshell, the best anal bleaching creams or gels are ones that contain high-quality ingredients that are all-natural and safe to use on the intimate regions of the body.

Never buy intimate skin lighteners that contain potent chemicals such as Hydroquinone. Be sure to read over our anal bleaching guide on how to safely and effectively lighten the anal area.

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The most popular brand as mentioned before is Amazon. com as they have a wide selection of different lightening treatments to choose from. They also offer a filtering system that allows you to see the newest products or ones based on customers average rating.

Using this will help make searching for anal bleaching cream easy! Not to mention, most of Amazons products come with prime shipping making all shipping free, perfect for those who have a membership.

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Now that you understand what to look for when it comes to buying anal bleaching creams, you can now shop for them in a breeze!

The Effectiveness of The Cream 2. The Ingredients Listed 3. The Packaging of a Product 4. Return Policy 5.

Customer Feedback So, What Exactly is The Best Anal Bleaching Cream or Gel? Where to Buy These Creams? Conclusion Share this entry Best Tanning Lotion for Sensitive Skin Best Conditioner for Dry Hair Best Shampoo for Color Treated Hair Anal Bleaching for Men Best Shampoo For Gray Hair Civant Complete Regimen Kit Civant Anti-Aging Kits Civant Daily Care Kits. Click Image For Latest Pricing. August 4, To be on the safe side, you limit the products you use on your Read more. All conditioners are made to moisturize hair, but not all are capable of reversing dryness.

When you have dry hair, your strands can In fact, gray has become one of the most popular hair dye colors among

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